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Do you need help before, during, and after your purchase? We are here to help. Check out our frequently asked questions to find answers.

We have developed a WordPress plugin that integrates easily with WooCommerce. Once you configure the plugin with your SMSegress information, you can send SMS messages on product status updates.
  1. Download SMSegress WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Install and activate Plugin on WP (WordPress Site)
  3. Access SMSegress setting and options from the Setting sub-menu
  4. Enter SMSegress info gather from SMSegress Dashboard
  5. Save settings (That is it)!

The WooCommerce and Perfex CRM plugins are free to use on as many sites as you want; all plugins created in the future will also be free.

Do you use Perfex CRM? Install SMSegress Perfex CRM plugin to trigger SMS notifications for invoices, proposals, and contracts.

Unfortunately, you can not use an IOS device to send SMS messages.

Yes, you can connect your WhatsApp account with IOS devices.

You can translate between 108 languages and validate and edit the translation before sending your campaign.

Online Assistance.

We provide support through various channel, contact us with any of the preferred method below.

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To reach support team for further assistance. Please submit a ticket via our corporate support site.

Support center

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Want an instatenious support, wend us a WhatsApp message.

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