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Quick And Bulk Sending

With our platform, you can effortlessly send numerous messages to various contact groups, and you can also quickly send messages for momentary transactions. We have live dashboard functionality, of course, and the capability to instantly get notifications when your messages are delivered and delivered.

Automated Smart Tools

We take care of all the back-end tasks while you focus on running your business. Our system takes care of the hard work, sending only those messages that you designate as required.

Multiple Platform Integration.

Integrate with multiple platform using SMSegress API. you can send text messages from SMSegress, alerting your followers and customers of posts, schedule changes, order confirmations, insider deals, and more.

Potential Business Success

SMSegress's platform is engineered to meet the digital transformation needs of marketing businesses. You can rest assured that every dollar you spend on our service is well-deserved and will provide you with 100% satisfaction.

Increase Sales

If you’re not promoting your business via text, you’re leaving money on the table! With a 98% open rate, texting is one of the best ways to let your customers know it’s time to visit your business.

Track your daily activity.

Start a private group video call


SMS Messages

Send multiple SMS messages and process replies in realtime while you're developing, tracking, or debugging.


Message Translator

With the ability to translate messages before sending them, you can now send messages to anyone. The translator is user-friendly and works quickly.

Schedule Messages

Schedule SMS or WhatsApp messages and chats at any given time. Load your phone with automatic greetings that reply to customer queries and plan to use marketing messages periodically.


Message Templates

You can save time and effort by using ready-made message templates, which you can simply select when you want to send a direct message.

Send Notifications

Send Marketing SMS messages online via a web-based SMS portal or transactional SMS by sending an SMS via the SMS Gateway’s API.

Send one or more text messages to a list of contacts, including photos, personalized texts, and tracking who clicked on your links.

Text with your customers in real-time. Enable your existing number or text using a dedicated new number on you Android phone. (Without affecting your Mobile subscription service.)

Add your existing contacts and make use of the usage features that come with text-for-info to add contacts and promptly obtain their phone numbers.

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How Your Business Can Use Texting

Our texting service isn't just convenient for your customers, and it's good for business. Discover how SMS marketing and two-way messaging give you a competitive edge.

Lana Price, VaryPoint CEO

“we are able to Build an audience of highly engaged subscribers with text-for-info, customizable sign-up widgets, and more. “

Lana Price, VaryPoint CEO

James Winners, Nihub Director

“Our sales teams was able to Gain insight into what's working. They use analytics to quickly check in on click-throughs, delivery, subscriber growth, and more. “

James Winners, Nihub Director

Abdul Ibrahim, SalesTwirl CEO

“we are able to avoid back-and-forth email chains and buried replies. We simply send a link to our calendar to schedule interviews faster.“

Abdul Ibrahim, SalesTwirl CEO

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